Government and enterprise intranet

Implementation of INTRANET services with open source products: 

 dot yellow Basic services

 dot yellow Added value services

 dot yellow Providing a service integration base

 Space design :

 dot yellow Public space

 dot yellow Ministerial space 

 dot yellow Personal space

Basic services :

dot yellow Portal

dot yellow Messaging

dot yellow Instant messaging

dot yellow Diary 

dot yellow Online storage

dot yellow File sharing

dot yellow Blog

dot yellow Social network

dot yellow Directory

Portal :

dot yellow Expose services portlets.

dot yellow Identity management/ LDAP directory

dot yellow Managing permissions

dot yellow WebSSO System

dot yellow Service integration base


dot yellow Access channels

  - Webmail

  - Heavy Client /Desktop

  - BYOD 

dot yellow Shared diary

dot yellow Privileged management

dot yellow Resource management

 Instant messaging :

dot yellow Access channels

  - Web

  - BYOD

  - Heavy client/Desktop

dot yellow Jabber/XMPP

dot yellow Chat/Presence

dot yellow Multi-user chat

Online storage:

dot yellow CMIS synchronization

dot yellow Access channels

   - Web

   - BYOD

   - Desktop

dot yellow Tiered storage

dot yellow Integrated with EDM (Alfresco)

File sharing:

dot yellow Internal Sharing

dot yellow External Sharing:

    - Public

    - With password

    - For temporary users

dot yellow Creation of shared spaces

dot yellow File encryption

dot yellow File-signatures 

dot yellow Time Stamping

dot yellow Antivirus filtering

Social services:

dot yellow Group Blogs

dot yellow RSE

dot yellow WIKI …

Directory :

 dot yellow Front office:

   - Navigation

   - Structure and employee search

dot yellow Backoffice :

    - Power over files

    - Management of structures (update, merger, breakup, moving...)

    - Employee management (update, transfer, secondment, ..)


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