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The National Center of Informatics is a public administrative body with legal personality and financial autonomy. It was established on December 30, 1975.

The CNI is an institution under the authority of the Ministry of Communication Technologies. It operates in the fields of IT and communication technologies and is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

Core activities:

The CNI mainly provides support to public administrative structures in implementation, deployment and operation of IT systems. It carries out the following activities:

I/ Delegated project management

dot yellow Delegated project management and project management

II/ Research &Consulting

II.1/ IT system

dot yellow IT system audit;

dot yellow Opportunity study, preliminary study, organizational study;

dot yellow Preparation of IT master plans, terms of reference, specifications and action plans;

dot yellow Assistance in opening of tenders

II.2/ Networking and security

dot yellow Networking and security study;

dot yellow Assistance in network reception and installation;

dot yellow Developing network and security specifications

dot yellow Assistance in sorting

dot yellow Technical guidance and advice


dot yellow Development and maintenance of information systems;

dot yellow Training on information systems developed by CNI

IV/System hosting

dot yellow Server hosting

dot yellow Hosting of applications and data with or without operation

V/ Backup and business continuity

dot yellow Ensuring operating continuity of national applications in case of a disaster

dot yellow Ensuring continuity of services provided to users

dot yellow Assisting other institutions to establish backup solutions

dot yellow Hosting platforms of its customers (dedicated services)

dot yellow Providing advisory services to develop business continuity plans (BCP),

dot yellow Disseminating know-how in backup and BCP

VI/ Training & certification

dot yellow Training on national applications

dot yellow Expertise seminars

dot yellow Continuing education

dot yellow Training for qualifications

dot yellow Work experience and internship

VII/ Deployment of applications and user support:

dot yellow CNI deploys applications developed for the administration in view of their operation.

dot yellow Deployment can be made on-site or in the offices of CNI

dot yellow CNI makes available to users assistants to initiate them to the proper operation of these applications.

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