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 The project to create the National Backup Center was initiated in 2006 by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies and supported by the World Bank, its main objective is the backup and security of large IT applications in the state.

Current situation:

 Currently the National Backup Center is the backup site of critical applications of the government. It is characterized by:

      dot yellow A Data center compliant with standards in force

      dot yellow A secure optical fiber high-speed broadband (BACKBONE IP / MPLS)

      dot yellow International opening loop (FOR BROADBAND)

      dot yellow Competent and experienced multidisciplinary technical staff

      dot yellow Security personnel present on site 24h / 24h

Offered services:

The services offered by the National Backup Center are classified into four categories:

     dot yellow Pooled backup: pooling of expensive resources for public or private institutions,

     dot yellow Dedicated backup: customized platform exclusively dedicated to customers,

     dot yellow Renting arranged technical spaces: clean room and local fallback,

     dot yellow Related services: Consultancy and Auditing in terms of backup and business continuity

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  • National Center of Informatics
  •  17, rue Belhassen Ben Chaabane, 1005 El Omrane, Tunis Tunisie.
  • tel : + 216 71 783 055
  • fax: + 216 71 781 862
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